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Winning champion wether at the Kentucky State Fair. Steele Show Goats



Welcome to Steele Show Goats. We are proud to be champion boer goat breeders here in Paris, Kentucky.  We have been breeding, showing and selling top notch wethers and commercial does since 2002. Like many boer goat breeders, we started with a 4-H wether, and doe, and fell in love with these amazing animals. In turn, a true passion ignited for the challenge to produce show quality boer goats that win shows!



Our first buck, Get Serious, was sired by XXL. Between the offspring of Stock Option and the genetics of Get Serious we have produced several outstanding offspring.



2013 boer goat kid crop on bottom vs. 2014 kid crop. Keeps getting better and better.
2013 show goat kid crop on bottom, vs. 2014, on top.
  We have been very pleased with Get Serious and his input into our boer goat program. Get Serious’ offspring have had length, style, butt, and a lot of overall muscle. This bloodline has a long list of champions. 
        Our next buck, Anonymous improved the quality with wide tops, and hard muscling.  Anonymous has produced many state fair class winners with many families
       Today, our herd size has grown to 25 mature does and 15 yearling does. This herd size works well for us and is manageable. We strive to have a well managed operation, paying close attention to the details of animal management, such as timely vaccinations, regular hoof trimming, and overall health.
       Raising, showing, and selling boer goats has been a awesome experience which our family enjoys very much. We have met many wonderful people in the industry through showing , selling and purchasing our boer goats; and they have helped answer our questions along the way.                                                                                          From the breeders that we have bought from, to the  goat supply businesses from where we buy our supplies; the people have been very helpful and eager to share their experiences with us. We hope you enjoy our website hope we can be as helpful to others who are getting started with boer goats.                                                      Questions are welcome and if you have any please contact us.                                                                                                                             
Anonymous, Herd Sire Buck Steele Show Goats
Anonymous, Click to see full size
Get Serious, Herd Sire Buck Steele Show Goats
Get Serious, Click to see full size.


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Steele Show Goats is also known as Newark Boers

Steele Show Goats is also known as Newark Boers Kentucky Proud.

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Congratulations and "Thank you" to all the youth that purchased from Steele Show Goats.